Hush a Bye Baby Seminar Prize Winners!

Hi All who attended the ‘Hush a Bye Baby’ seminars last Thursday, it was great to see you all. Such a huge turn out of mums babies and babies to be! I hope you all found the seminar informative and apologies if we ran out if time before answering all of your questions! Congratulations to Lynn, who won the FREE 1 hour home visit sleep consultation for her baby Kasia and the 2 winners of the FREE 30 min sleep clinic consultation are…. Mya and Hania! Congratulations Mya and Hania, please email me so I can schedule you in for clinic, I look forward to seeing you both.


  1. Cheryl Fender says:

    Thank you so much for all your great advice and recommendations. Your blog really does give great advice and I will be sure to share with all my friends.
    Thank you

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